For Working Moms – Join me in A Moxie Tribe!

10 months ago – I attended a retreat and was asked to choose one word to lean into for 2019 – I chose connection. 9 months ago –...

Back To School – Back To Sleep

I love summer. Riding my mountain bike, long walks with my dog, dinner and drinks out on the porch, and NOT GIVING A YOU-KNOW-WHAT about what time my...

Getting Up and Out in the Mornings – Plus a Cameo from Macy!!

Before Macy joined me on the video above (at the 4:07 mark), I was going to title this post How We get Up & Out Affects Our Work Day...

Commutes – Big or Small, How To Make Them Work For Your Brain

Two true stories to frame the potential agony of commuting. The first happened about 18 years ago. Kenny and I had just moved to New York City –...

Can You Say ‘Thank You’?

One of the first things we teach our kids as soon as they learn to speak is to say, "Thank you." Think of the countless times you have...

Leaning in to Connection

If I ask my kids if they are connected, they will likely point to the number of Insta followers or Snapchat friends they have, and sadly most adults...

I’m Stepping Out, and I’m Slightly Terrified

"You need to step out from behind the curtain!" Those were the words a website consultant spoke to me when I was thinking of revamping my old website....

What would you do with an extra 75 minutes in your day?

Under the category of “Least Mindful Things You Can Do,” checking my email while on a beautiful mountain bike ride has to be at the top of my...

Working From Home

Welcome to Better Than Wine, a series of short videos filled with simple solutions to help you cultivate a sense of calm throughout your day and night, with...

Am I a Good Parent?

The new school year is often a time of reflection as we seek to break bad habits and start fresh. Some of those habits we seek to break...

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