What was I Thinking?? Really? Now??

back to school highs and lows

My kids went back to school last Tuesday. These were the highs and lows of my day yesterday:

Meditated, wrote blog posts, made breakfast and lunches, figured out after school car pools, doubled checked kids had binders-kissed kids goodbye, walked dog with Kenny, gave podcast interview.

Mid Day:
Ate food (I’m doing intermittent fasting), rode my mountain bike, prepped for an upcoming workshop, called Kenny to ask what we were doing for dinner, hung up on Kenny when he sarcastically said he had no idea and that dinner wasn’t for 4 hours:), rehearsed for upcoming speech.

Finalized product selection for A Moxie Tribe's Member Box, forgot to drink my tea, shuttled Macy from school to soccer, folded wash, drank my tea, shuttled Charlie from football to soccer, shuttled Macy home.

Made tacos. Hung out with Macy. Had dinner with family. Laid on couch and stared at more laundry. Watched a show cuddled up with Charlie. Sent my 3 good things to my friend Molly. Fell asleep still cuddled with Charlie!

In the middle of this franticness, this absolute run around, I found myself asking myself, “Why in the world would I roll out A Moxie Tribe now?” And, if I am feeling that way, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Looks great, but now? Really?” The rub, however, is that my friend Lizzie refers to May as Mayhem for parents – too many end of school assignments, field trips, etc.. My teacher friends wont even talk to me in October or March – parent teacher conferences! I have some girlfriends who, the moment the word Thanksgiving is spoken, won’t answer their phone or reply to a text until January.  June, July or August for starting up – are you crazy? – it’s summertime!!

So, what’s my point? If you want to make a change in your life – you are tired of feeling scattered, overwhelmed, exhausted – tired of feeling that you are not thriving at work and in your parenting – tired of feeling that you are not nearly as happy as you wish you were – MAKE A CHANGE!! It doesn’t have to be joining A Moxie Tribe – but whatever it is (new gym membership, new diet, new routine, new job, etc…) don’t use “the time’s not right” as a reason.

I could have waited to launch A Moxie Tribe -- but I looked at my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018, and THEY WERE EXACTLY the same as my 2019 Resolutions! I couldn't believe it, and I was somewhere between mortified and pissed, so I have spent the better part of the past 9 months researching habits, happiness, and strategies for sustaining lasting change,  and the fruits of all this labor will be inside A Moxie Tribe, where I will participate right next to you, as we create massive change without a massive time commitment.

Come join me!

Now back to that dang wash….


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