The Gift That Will Make Your Friends Scream “THANK YOU!!

Or your partner, or your colleague, or your entire team at work!!!

This is it, this is the gift that’s going to get you away from that generic Starbucks Gift Card, or the big tin tub of 3 flavored popcorn! This is the gift that you are going to give, and sometime in late winter you are going to hear the recipient tell you “You know what, you changed my life with that gift you gave me!”

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

The gift is my brand new Master Your Life – One Season at a Time Planner.

Here’s the short of it – I have been struggling to find a daily planner that worked for me for the last 5 years. At the same time, my New Year’s Resolutions from one year to the next always looked the same - I felt stuck. So, I did what most brain geeks do – I dove into the research and the brain science, and then used that information to create my own system and a planner that would support me in achieving my goals. AND IT WORKED!!!!

I made it really easy to use, and I intentionally created it as a 90 day planner – a sense of urgency comes from 90 days, there is little opportunity for procrastination (I had Kenny in mind with that part!!), and massive change can occur in that time span – and I partnered with an amazing artist to design the beautiful covers.

So check out this site for more information, or click directly here to purchase it. You can also watch the video below to know the 3 reasons why I created this planner.

Thanks for supporting my work, and more importantly, thanks for giving a gift this holiday season that will change someone’s life!!

To inquire about having me come to your office to present a Master Your Life Goal Setting Workshop, click here.

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