One Season at a Time

Using the Master Your Life planner, you implement a simple 90-day system to crush your goals, create healthy habits, and live your best life.

Your Mindset, not your Google calendar, will make or break your days.

Most people wake up to the alarm on their smart phone and are immediately drawn in to the days headlines, text messages, and an overwhelming inbox. When you take 5 minutes in the morning to create an intentional plan for your day you create a mindset for success. You no longer spend the day reacting to everyone else’s priorities. Instead, you create an optimal brain state for focus, productivity, and life-changing moments.

Why You Need This Planner


Tips to Use Your Planner

If you already have your copy...CONGRATULATIONS! Below are some tips on how to use your new planner!

Seasonal Focus




Monthly Goals
Daily Rituals
Habit Tracker
Daily Pages
End of Month Reflection

Why it Works

The Master Your Life Planner was created based on research in three areas:  


Our level of stress is directly linked to our ability to reach our goals. By integrating simple rituals and practices into your daily routines you build resilience to the stressors that can derail you, and you start each day by creating a brain state for success.


Simple mindfulness practices strengthen key structures in your brain related to resilience, focus, decision-making and positive emotions. As you integrate these simple practices into your goal setting and daily routines you enhance your productivity, happiness and sense of balance in your life.


The Master Your Life Planner integrates the science of neuroscience and mindfulness with research on behavior change to provide you with a framework to create the goals, habits, and mindsets that will propel you to crush your goals one season at a time.