One Season at a Time

Using the Master Your Life planner, you implement a simple 90-day system to crush your goals, create healthy habits, and live your best life.

Master Your Life Planner

Master Your Life - The Circa Way

I’ve always been a planner junkie. Before creating the Master Your Life system, I would purchase multiple planners each year, trying to find just the right format to help me master my own busy life. But something was missing from every planner—so I decided to create what I needed most. 

After years of intensive research, I’ve developed a program that actually helps change behavior using a neuroscience-based approach to cultivating good habits and encouraging goal setting and achievement. 

The result is my Master Your Life 90-day system—a step-by-step system for living life better, one season at a time. 

Master Your Life has been an essential component to my work with Fortune 500 executives, medical professionals, first responders, working parents and world class athletes. The results have been amazing! 

Levenger CEO Margaret Moraskie is as passionate about pen-and-paper planning as I am, and I’ve always loved the way their Circa organizing system allows you to customize a planner to meet your

individual needs. Margaret’s suggestion to make Master Your Life a component of the Circa system has resulted in the perfect partnership. 

The flexibility of Circa allows you to add and rearrange pages and sections to create a custom version of your own Master Your Life planner that works for you and only you. 

Be sure to visit to learn about all the ways you can customize your planner. They have absolutely everything you may need! 

Dr. Kristen Race 

Why You Need This Planner

Tips to Use Your Planner

If you already have your copy...CONGRATULATIONS! Below are some tips on how to use your new planner!

Seasonal Focus



Monthly Goals
Daily Rituals
Three for Me
Daily Pages
End of Month Reflection

Why it Works

The Master Your Life Planner was created based on research in three areas:  


Our level of stress is directly linked to our ability to reach our goals. By integrating simple rituals and practices into your daily routines you build resilience to the stressors that can derail you, and you start each day by creating a brain state for success.


Simple mindfulness practices strengthen key structures in your brain related to resilience, focus, decision-making and positive emotions. As you integrate these simple practices into your goal setting and daily routines you enhance your productivity, happiness and sense of balance in your life.


The Master Your Life Planner integrates the science of neuroscience and mindfulness with research on behavior change to provide you with a framework to create the goals, habits, and mindsets that will propel you to crush your goals one season at a time.