Mindful Parenting in the World of COVID-19

How to create the right brain state for you and your family.

Maybe you went through the same progression as I did over the last 3 weeks:

*My husband is sooooo dramatic, what the heck is he talking about anyway – Coronavirus what??

*Yes, people are getting sick in other countries – but it’s just like the flu, so not really a big deal

*Holy S&^* -- lock the doors, shut the windows, and for the love of god Charlie, wash your hands!!!!

It all seemed to happen so fast, and before I knew it I was freaking the you-know-what out. I was concerned about my business, flights I had booked, kids being out of school, social distancing with two teenagers, my friends who are nurses and doctors, the health and economic implications for our country and my family.

As it all has evolved, especially over the past 10 days, I keep looking at my family. At first, I won’t lie; I was overwhelmed and somewhat terrified. We were going to be spending a TON of time together. Could this event help us come together as a unit, strengthen our bonds, help us all become grittier and more resilient? Could we come out of this crisis a tighter, stronger family than we were going in?

I feel, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the answer is yes. I have been seeing it happen already in ways that I would never have imagined two weeks ago—my kids hike up the ski mountain together, made us all dinner together, and baked a cake together, all on the same day!!

So as I look to give strategies to you all on mindful parenting in the face of COVID-19, I will be focusing on solutions that stimulate what I call a “Smart Brain State,” a state-driven by the Pre Frontal Cortex – the forward-thinking, problem-solving, calm, rational, and positive part of our brain.

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We got this!

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