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What is a Moxie Tribe?

A Moxie Tribe is a community of driven working moms, learning from and supporting each other. Together, we are honing the essential habits, rituals, and mindsets that will propel us to crush it as business leaders, parents, and happy humans.

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Is A Moxie Tribe membership right for me?

I’m guessing you got where you are in life because you are driven, competitive, caring, and strive for excellence in all areas of your life. When you have this personality – you have Moxie!

Yet, the feeling that you are spread too thin and not bringing your best self to each of the many roles you take on can feel overwhelming at times. Sound familiar? (I’m right there with ya!)

A Moxie Tribe membership cultivates the connections, habits and mindsets that allow you to balance your brain so you can feel balanced in your life. We know what it is like to walk in your shoes and to wear so many damned hats that your neck is getting sore!

Yes! We CAN have it ALL… And DO it ALL! We just need the right tools.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you!

Why Join Us?

As A Moxie Tribe Member, you’ll get immediate value from joining our tribe. Together with other kick-ass moms with big-ass jobs, you will instantly receive:

Career, Parenting and
Happiness Coaching

  • Each month, Kristen tackles a timely theme critical to our success as business leaders, moms and happy humans.
  • Personalized monthly challenges related to each theme.
  • Step by step structure for you to reach your goals, create sustainable change, and feel successful.

Support, Accountability
and Connection

  • Monthly small group goal-setting and planning workshops guide you through a simple process to create the right goals for you.
  • Small group support provides the accountability you need to succeed.
  • Network, learn, grow and connect with an exclusive community of successful and inspiring working moms.

Exclusive Interviews
and Q & A's

  • Access to inspiring experts - successful women with Moxie!
  • We have a lineup of ROCK STAR women to support this tribe. A Moxie Tribe gives you exclusive access to these incredible leaders, opportunities to ask them questions, learn from their experiences and be inspired!

Access to the world's greatest community platform

  • Easy to navigate community network without all the noise and distractions of other platforms.
  • Access to Kristen for questions and support.
  • Easy to join and easy to cancel at anytime.

We are here to propel you to the top of your game as a leader, a mom and a happy human!

Moxie Tribe Themes

Here are a few samples of our upcoming, monthly themes:



It’s going too fast, how to make the most of this precious resource.





All the hacks for work lunches, school lunches, meal planning, and weight loss.





How our brains function best – understand and cultivate the scheduling habits of highly successful people (and manage your kids schedule as well!).



How successful people think and how to cultivate that kind of thinking for you and your kids.



How to create a happy brain – for you, your colleagues, and your family!



How to get fit, stay fit, and enjoy fitness when you have no time.




The new science on how to lead in a way that makes others want to follow (this includes your kids and your spouse).


Goal Setting

Let’s make 2020 our most successful year yet!





Why we have them, how we break them, how to make the good ones stick.


A Moxie Tribe is a place of positive energy and genuine support; where a group of kick-ass women like you come together to share insights and offer encouragement for leading balanced lives of character, determination, and courage.

Be Bold - Be Fierce - Be Successful

Show The World Your Moxie

Show The World Your Moxie

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