Mindfulness and the Workplace

The Mindful Life workplace programs are changing the way businesses like Coca Cola, Carter’s Inc,, and Wells Fargo are functioning. What if your company could join them?

We can’t usually control the stress that comes our way, but we can control how we respond to it. We just need the right tools.

Foundations of Mindful Parenting

The Foundations of Mindful Parenting course provides fun and easy practices and activities to integrate into your daily life, to help you respond wisely when parenting gets tough and deepen your connection to your kids.

You want to be the parent you can be. This course helps you with simple tools to train your brain so that the stress that comes with parenting no longer gets the best of you.

Mindfulness for Medical Professionals

The mindfulness for medical professionals course provides brain-based solutions designed specifically for medical professionals to increase engagement, reduce burnout and reclaim joy in practice.

Our goal is to support your medical professionals by providing robust information and simple solutions that are easily digestible.

Mindful Life Schools

With Mindful Life Schools, in less than 10 minutes a day, any Pre-K to 12th grade teacher can transform their chaotic classroom into a calm, ready-to-learn classroom with our simple, brain-based mindfulness activities.

Although we’re living in the epidemic of Generation Stress, positive emotions are just as infectious as negative emotions. And small changes make a BIG impact in inoculating schools in the stress epidemic.

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This program far exceeded my expectations.

The micro-changes I made have had such a tremendous impact on my mood, reactions, and energy. The different areas that I can pull from to help reduce stress also help me perform at a higher level throughout my day. This program far exceeded my expectations.

Laura Cusenbary

Financial Advisor


This course is invaluable...

Dr. Race’s Foundations of Mindful Parenting course provided simple and thoughtful techniques that are easy to implement into our lives to re-align our priorities, especially regarding gratitude, kindness and compassion. There is no more important and difficult job than being a parent, particularly in today’s “me first” world. This course is invaluable.

Marc Adelman

CEO, The Adelman Group