Sibling Relationships During Covid-19

Perhaps the only relationship put more to the test than a marriage during times of social distancing is the relationship between siblings. While it is totally normal to expect a few knock down-drag outs between siblings, the long term impact of this forced time together could be the best thing for their long term relationship.

Our sudden shift from the hyper-scheduled family runaround to going on week 6 of being stuck at home together can put sibling relationships to the test. Our kids went from spending the majority of their time with classmates, teammates, and friends to being stuck 24/7 with their brother or sister! The reality is that for most people a sibling relationship is the longest family relationship they will have over the course of their life. Perhaps our current quarantine could be an opportunity to strengthen bonds and create lifelong memories?

Have you ever been on a family vacation and suddenly your kids turn into great friends? They laugh together, play together, and appear to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. Those opportunities for siblings to play alone together are a key building block to lasting family bonds. Sadly, in many ways, as parents, we have taken these opportunities away from our kids as we have replaced all their free time with dance classes, organized sports, and extra-curricular whatever seven days a week. Most siblings no longer have any time to create these kinds of bonds. And now, they have no idea where to start.

This week I will be sharing tips to help create opportunities for sibling bonds, minimize the rivalry, and create lasting memories for kids in quarantine.



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