Dr. Race’s talk was absolutely perfect...

Dr. Race’s talk was spot-on for our group of high-performing female professionals. She gave us recommendations that we could start incorporating into our existing routines to become better leaders. Dr. Race’s talk was absolutely perfect, and the room was buzzing afterward, Thank you so much for being such a great partner to work with.

Michelle Johnson

Managing Director, Duff & Phelps


She approached mindfulness from a scientific perspective...

We were hoping to give our management team some tools that will help them manage their workload and navigate work stress better. Kristen achieved all of these goals and more. She helped our people think about time management and engagement with direct reports differently and better. She approached mindfulness from a scientific perspective – which landed really well with our people – and was incredibly efficient. I highly recommend this presentation!

John Cashman

President, Major, Lindsey & Africa

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Kristen was the highlight of the event!!

We feel so lucky that she was willing to present and help us make the Women’s Leadership Summit an incredible event. Thank you!

Kara Stoller

CEO, Steamboat Springs Chamber

Dr. Race changed the way I live my life.

I have a better relationship with myself and my loved ones. I am a better employee. I’m more present in my life. It is so worth it.

Jessica Koenig

Town Clerk, Erie, Colorado

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I really enjoyed how approachable Dr. Race was...

This program definitely exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed how approachable Dr. Race was even with the online format. I found the information about brain development and the impact that technology and over scheduling has on our children's cognitive development and processing extremely helpful. Knowing the brain science behind this truly shows the impacts that stress, technology and over scheduling has on our kids.

Emily P.

Working Parent

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Kristen's practices brought skills and tools into my family...

I was never taught a healthy way to deal with stress. I want to be more resilient and better at teaching my kids to be resilient. Kristen's practices brought skills and tools into my family that we can all use when we need to work through those tough, high emotion situations. Thank you for creating this course!

Angie Rhodes

Wellness Program Coordinator, City of Ft. Collins

I feel very fortunate...

I feel like I got to know Kristen through this online training and I love her straightforward, clear and concise delivery of the material. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to glean from her knowledge, expertise and brilliant approach.

Susan L

Teacher, Santa Cruz, CA

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I would recommend it to almost anyone in the modern workplace...

I have already seen an increase in workplace productivity attributable to key practices in this program. I would recommend it to almost anyone in the modern workplace, especially because the new age of emails, text messaging, and the expectation of instantaneous replies is driving us all to exhaustion.

Jon Snyder

Public Works Director, City of Steamboat Springs

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This program far exceeded my expectations.

The micro-changes I made have had such a tremendous impact on my mood, reactions, and energy. The different areas that I can pull from to help reduce stress also help me perform at a higher level throughout my day. This program far exceeded my expectations.

Laura Cusenbary

Financial Advisor

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Unity/collaboration with my team has definitely occurred...

The ability to re-center on being mindful and choosing how to react and respond to situations/interactions/forces that are out of my control were the most valuable parts of this program. I've noted my satisfaction of my work and ability to navigate around difficulties has definitely improved, despite a lack of sleep associated with a newborn! Also, a sense of unity/collaboration with my team has definitely occurred because of this training.

Lilia Luna, PSY.D

Behavioral Health Coordinator, Northwest Colorado Health

I feel more enriched and enlightened...

Some programs make great promises and at the end you might have found just one thing to take away. At the end of the Mindfulness and the Workplace course, I feel more enriched and enlightened than I thought would be possible. I cannot express my THANKS enough!

Christy W.

Working Parent

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Kristen’s presentations are fantastic!

It’s important to recognize the benefits of a mindful life for everyone, especially in a fast-paced, potentially stressful environment such as medicine. There’s really no downside and plenty of benefits.

Dr. Josh Welch

Physician, Northwest Colorado Health

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Gave me the tools to ease some of Caitlin's stress and anxiety...

I swear on my mothering life that I never thought I'd be one of those self help, book reading moms. I didn't expect to identify with and see myself so much in this book. Trust me, I've laughed at most parenting books, condemned them, and even thrown them out, literally in the trash. But this one was different.

Maybe it's because of all the stress we have had around here lately. Maybe it's because not only did this book give me the tools that could help ease some of Caitlin's stress and anxiety, but it also did it in a way that didn't make me feel like a bad parent having to change years of bad habits.

This book also explained it in scientific detail exactly what is happening when my child has a moment of anxiety, what happens inner brain and how her body responds. This book opened my eyes and gave me better insight on what is happening with my child.


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