The Silver Lining of Shelter In Place

Two weeks ago, our world was brought to a screeching halt by the coronavirus. About 10 days ago I realized I had two options:

I could Absorb all of the terrifying statistics and live in a state of panic-stricken anxiety.

OR I could look for ways to keep anxiety about the virus in context and try to focus on the things we can control, like staying mindful, positive, connected, and productive.

I’ll be honest. My first reaction was a bit of a panic. I was obsessively checking virus maps, worried about investments,  and my kid’s college funds. And feeling pretty helpless as my upcoming speeches and seminars were canceled.

But when my very wise 16-year-old daughter said, “Mom - I bet your mindfulness stuff could really help people right now,” I realized that I had to snap the heck out of it!

As Macy so wisely recognized this was the perfect opportunity to “practice what I preach”! To put all of those daily mindfulness practices to work. As I regained a sense of my own mindfulness,  I began to feel hopeful again.

I realized this was an incredible time to dive into the research and share the practices that have been working so well for me.

I became productive again, and positive, and I realized that there are actually some beautiful silver linings to slowing down and staying at home with my family.

This week, I want to celebrate all of the UPSIDES of “Shelter in Place”. Each day I’ll be honoring something special about having this extra time with family. And sharing ways for you to create your own upsides with your family as well.

Don't get me wrong - this isn't easy - and many people are struggling, but I truly feel that by sharing and engaging ways we can bring each other up, and support each other, and ways we can make use of this time to strengthen bonds and create personal growth - We are doing what is best for the greater good.

So this week we will focus on the upside of this journey together.

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Let’s stay grateful, positive, and healthy!,


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