Virtual workshops to help your workforce thrive personally and professionally.

To maintain a thriving business during this pandemic, you need a resilient workforce that can remain positive and productive during these times of uncertainty.

But There’s a Problem…Your workforce is in Survival Mode


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Create a healthy and productive workforce by providing the tools they need to thrive personally and professionally.

Timely Topics


Building Resilience in Uncertain Times

  • Identify the overt and covert stressors that lead to survival mode
  • Discover how mindfulness offsets the anxiety that comes with uncertainty
  • Implement practices to regain control of your day and your life
  • Improve productivity while working remotely
  • Acquire skills to calm the mind on demand
  • Integrate tools to boost positivity
  • Engrave the benefits of compassion for yourself and others

Master Productivity While Working Remotely

  • Explore the neuroscience of attention
  • Discover tools to managing distractions
  • Develop habits to boost productivity
  • Identify strategies to combat Zoom Fatigue
  • Identify ways to create engaging virtual meetings
  • Gain an edge by embracing the power of self-compassion
  • Employ tips for boosting positivity in your teams
  • Practice ways to help your kids manager their own anxious thoughts
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Tools to Conquer The Waves of Anxiety

  • Explore the neuroscience of anxiety

  • Learn to distinguish productive anxiety from harmful thought patterns

  • Develop skills to shift how we think about anxiety

  • Integrate tools to keep anxiety at bay throughout the day

  • Helping your kids manage their own anxious thoughts

Maximize Personal Growth in Difficult Times

  • Explore the neuroscience of habit-forming and behavior change

  • Create opportunity in the midst of difficult times

  • Identify your top values and priorities

  • Integrate research-based strategies to set meaningful and achievable goals

  • Personalize daily habits and rituals to create a mindset for success

A Personalized Plan To Optimize Your Brain State

  • Identify the overt and covert stressors that lead to survival mode

  • Investigate the specific ways stress impacts thinking and behaviors

  • Discover the ways that relationships support resilience

  • Map out a step by step plan for optimizing your brain state

The Power of Positivity

  • Recognize behaviors that hardwire our brain for happiness

  • Discover simple ways to optimize your brain to absorb the good

  • Integrate practices that boost team positivity

  • Modify destructive thought patterns

  • Learn how to significantly boost happiness in 2 minutes a day


Just a few of the organizations that Kristen has worked with:

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