A step-by-step approach to developing the
5 essential qualities for happiness and success.

Your Workforce is Struggling Like Never Before…

In this deep dive program, Dr. Kristen Race guides an intimate group of participants through her step-by-step system to master the five essential qualities they need to LIVE LIFE BETTER and THRIVE personally and professionally.


I spent the final nine months of 2020 delivering one e–workshop after another to corporate employees struggling to navigate the onslaught of stressors that we were collectively experiencing.  As I became immersed in these corporate cultures it started to become clear that there were some key qualities that seemed to differentiate those that were most resilient to all of the challenges they were facing from those who would get stuck and continued to struggle. I identified five key characteristics amongst those that were thriving. Recognizing that all five of these key characteristics were trainable, I embarked on creating a system to help others develop these traits. In the late fall, I piloted a deep dive program with an intimate group from a valued client with the goal of helping participants implement this system to develop these key characteristics. The results were amazingly impactful, and I’m thrilled to now share this Optimize Your Life system with more organizations. I hope you and your organization will join me.

The program includes:

  • Six live, interactive 75-minute e-workshops
  • Daily live meditations with Dr. Race (Optional - Mon.-Fri.)
  • The Master Your Life planner for goal setting and personal accountability
  • Opportunities for connection through guided discussions & accountability groups
  • Weekly check-ins from Dr. Race and her team
  • A personalized plan for sustainability upon program completion
  • One year of access to recordings of all e-workshops and daily meditations

The five trainable qualities that differentiate those who thrive in the face of adversity from those who struggle:

  • Mindfulness: awareness & control of thoughts and thought patterns
  • Adaptive Resilience: the ability to recover from adversity, adapt & thrive
  • Courage: the ability to face challenges with grit and an innovative mindset
  • Optimism: the ability to intentionally find the good 
  • Benevolence: to respond with kindness and compassion to one’s self and to others


Just a few of the organizations that Kristen has worked with:

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