BYLR Radio: Train Your Brain

If you’ve paid attention to my work over the past few years, you’ve heard me mention my various collaborations with Jesse Itzler. Aside from being a great friend, my time spent with Jesse always leaves me inspired – I think of life differently, I experience life differently, I interact and meet remarkable people.

So when Jesse asked me to create a weekly radio show for his latest venture, BYLR Radio, I thought for about half a second, and said “Sure, let’s do it!”

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Now, again, if you know me and my work, you know about my struggles with perfectionism over the years. Embarking on this new path has left me on edge at times as I have had to give in to the discomfort that comes from putting myself “out there.” Luckily, I have a partner (in business and in life) who absolutely LOVES to be “out there.” Yes, Kenny Reisman will be helping me host the show - my Ed McMahon, Vanna White and Cris Collinsworth all rolled into one:)

We are so excited for what we are bringing forth every Monday morning, TRAIN YOUR BRAIN addresses timely topics that are most relevant to you, our readers and listeners. I will reach out each week to learn about the challenges you are facing, and I then plan the weekly show around these timely topics. Your work, your relationships, your fitness, your habits, your family, your parenting, your incessant web surfing (that show will be dedicated to Kenny!!) – We will tackle it all.

For each topic we discuss, we dive into the brain science and provide actionable tips that you can integrate into your day or week in ways that won’t overwhelm you. Similar to all my work, the three pillars remain very much at the forefront of this show – neuroscience, mindfulness, and simple solutions. The combination of the three will Train Your Brain in ways that will optimize your life!

Join me each Monday, at roughly 8:55 AM EST (that's 6:55 AM for you Rocky Mountain folks), right after Bananas With Jesse, which is an amazing way to start your week as well.

Use the links above to download the free app for BYLR Radio, check out all of the incredible content that lives there, rock out to great music, and be sure to join me on Monday mornings for Train Your Brain!



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