What’s Your Woop?

When I created the Master Your Life planner last fall I don’t think I had even heard of COVID19. I created it because I had realized that the key to success when trying to achieve new goals was to develop the proper brain state to help you make decisions that are in line with your goals and values.

And it worked great! Then COVID hit and many of the goals and growth challenges that I had identified on January 1 were going to have to change.

What I did not realize at the time was how essential my new planner would become. Over the last several weeks the daily routines and rituals at the heart of the planner have the keys for me to stay in that Smart brain state. A brain state that is essential for our resilience to stress and anxiety, for our productivity, and for our ability to create personal growth during this challenging time.  

Personal growth is something we can take control over during this challenging time. Perhaps there is an opportunity for you to create a new habit, find a new way to enhance your self-care or embrace a new hobby to help build your resilience.

This week I will be guiding you through the WOOP goal-setting framework that I use in the planner to help you create personal growth during COVID.

Charlie’s goal? 60 wins on Fortnite 🎮! Kenny and I took him through a 30-minute workshop with the planner and thankfully he changed his mind about that goal. Check back tomorrow to see what Charlie is focusing on. 😊

Use the Master Your Life Planner to create, track, and accomplish your goals. Create healthy habits, a healthy brain state, and a balanced life! Get started today for only $29.99.

Let’s stay grateful, positive, and healthy!


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