Balance Your Brain to

Balance Your Life


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It’s so easy to feel constantly overwhelmed.

Too few hours in the day, too many things on your to-do list, too many emails, too many soccer practices, and too many pulls on your attention to ever get through that todo list.

And while you are getting stuff done, it never feels like enough at the end of the day. Even when the stars align and you finally get that date night scheduled, you find yourself distracted and disconnected.

Something needs to change.

Meet Kristen Race

I've experienced every bit of this overwhelm -- the demands of my job and career, the angst of watching my kids navigate their own stressors, and the fatigue from juggling my hopes and dreams up against modern life challenges. There is a solution.

I designed a simple process that is at the core of my talks and my programs. I've used it over the past 12 years to train more than 40,000 leaders across the globe. This process integrates brain science and mindfulness principles with simple solutions that fit into the context of your existing day.

The result? A balance in your brain so you can experience balance in your life.

The busyness and stress of our modern lives are not going away. However, when you incorporate a few simple brain-strengthening practices into your day-to-day, you can build resilience to what modern life presents.

My programs have worked for parents, businesses, government employees, schools, working parent groups, and medical professionals. Order my book to learn about the full methodology behind my work, or skip to the programs page to get to the heart of the matter right now. And if you are an event planner, please visit my speaker page to see a sample of my work and determine if I am a good fit for your next event.


Kristen, your research on mindfulness and resilience to stress offers valuable guidance and tools to help women—especially working moms—navigate life’s challenging moments. Thank you for your work supporting women’s well-being and success.

Sheryl Sandberg

the COO of Facebook

The toolbox of simple workday stress-resiliency solutions she gave to our employees is excellent, and months later, employees can continue to utilize her suggestions. I realized the impact that Dr. Race's presentation would have on our staff when a colleague turned to me and whispered: "This is life-changing." Kristen's ability to share the effects of stress on our brains, our work, our happiness and our relationships, especially in today's fast-paced world, is invaluable.

Lisa Nelson

Senior VP,

Dr. Kristen Race offers lots of clever, fun techniques you can implement right away. The takeaways will help you and your children find the balance and calm you all need and deserve.

Sara Blakely

founder of Spanx

About Speaker, Kristen Race

Brain geek | Entrepreneur | Mom | Mountain Girl

I have spent the past 12 years immersing myself in the research on the effects of our busy modern lives on our brains and the brains of our children. I am known for my ability to make brain science accessible to people from the ages of 2 - 92, as well as my ability to create simple, practical solutions that can make a profound impact on people’s lives. I am not the sit-on-a-cushion for 20 minutes twice a day mindfulness guru – I am about integrating mindfulness into what you already do – in ways that positively impact your brain, your family, your career and your level of happiness and satisfaction within your life.