The Secret To Trick Your Brain & Get You Ready for Anything!

I was laying on the floor in the Denver Art Museum, it was just minutes before I was to present my first TEDx talk.  To put it mildly, I was a disaster. I had already prepped Kenny that if he saw me go ghost-white and look like I was going to puke while up on stage, he should come to front of the stage and hand me my notes!

Now, I was laying in the green room, trying not to pass out. I practiced mindful breathing. In…..out……In…..Out. It was helping. I might have a chance to pull this off.

Then, I convinced myself of one other thing. For anyone who has a big event coming up – A big sales pitch, job interview, presentation, running/bike race, or you have a kid who has a drama performance, college interview, track meet, AP Test – this is a game-changer. Have a look:


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