The Exhausting Impact of Virtual Meetings: 4 Tips to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Last week, on the back end of 3 straight Zoom meetings, I was leading a webinar on Working Remotely. About halfway through the webinar, just as I was...

My EXCITING Announcement!

My life changed dramatically last summer with one simple email – a note asking for a conversation to chat about a partnership opportunity. I had been looking for...

Sibling Relationships During Covid-19

Perhaps the only relationship put more to the test than a marriage during times of social distancing is the relationship between siblings. While it is totally normal to...

What’s Your Woop?

When I created the Master Your Life planner last fall I don’t think I had even heard of COVID19. I created it because I had realized that the...

Personal Growth During Covid-19

Follow me on Instagram to See My Daily Tips If you are like most people, COVID has you stressed. You may feel tired, anxious, worried, lonely and depressed....

The Silver Lining of Shelter In Place

Two weeks ago, our world was brought to a screeching halt by the coronavirus. About 10 days ago I realized I had two options: I could Absorb all...

Helping Kids Understand the Importance of Social Distancing

One of the things that I find comforting right now is this feeling that in so many ways this crisis is bringing out the best in people. Most...

3 Tips to Help Kids Manage Anxiety During COVID19

Our Autonomic Nervous System connects our body to our brain and vice versa and can be manipulated simply by changing the way we breathe. When we are anxious...

Tips to Help You Manage Anxiety During Covid-19

About an hour into my workday yesterday, I felt my body begin to tighten. It started in my upper belly, rose further, and then was into my chest....

Creating Some Structure for You and Your Kids

If you had witnessed the polar opposite reactions from each of my kids to the news that schools were closing it would be hard to believe that they...

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My EXCITING Announcement!

Sibling Relationships During Covid-19 | Dr. Kristen Race

Sibling Relationships During Covid-19

What's Your Woop? | Dr. Kristen Race

What’s Your Woop?

Personal Growth During Covid-19 | Dr. Kristen Race

Personal Growth During Covid-19

The Silver Lining of Shelter In Place | Dr. Kristen Race

The Silver Lining of Shelter In Place